Dr. Ko

photocomingsoonDr. Ko has been fascinated by the medical field ever since he was a young boy. When he realized that he could help both people and animals through the power of medicine and science, his mind was made up: veterinary care was the perfect choice! Dr. Ko hasn’t looked back since—he’s proud to now serve as owner and chief veterinarian here at Rancho Bernardo Veterinary Clinic.

Dr. Ko is originally from South Korea, where he graduated from veterinary school before moving to the United States. He attended Oregon State University to become licensed here in the U.S., then launched his career in private practice.

Dr. Ko purchased Rancho Bernardo Veterinary Clinic in 2013, becoming the third owner of the hospital since its opening in 1975. Medically, he has a particular fondness for studying samples under the microscope, and he loves the way a simple tool can tell him so much about a patient. Most of all, Dr. Ko enjoys interacting personally with clientele and pets on a daily basis.
Dr. Ko and his wife—a veterinarian herself—have been together for more than 20 years in total. They have a young son whose favorite pastime at the moment is building with his Legos.

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